Adversity: How A Seven-Year-Old Kid Inspired Me To Become More Positive.

I just wanted to share this positive story.

My cousin Riley is 7 years old. He is the sweetest kid I have ever met. Ever since he came into this world I’ve had a special bond with him. EVERYONE can learn from him.

Riley is blind in one of his eyes. He has been blind in the eye since birth. But, this has never slowed him down. As he has gotten older, his blind eye has become worse. As of now, Riley must get his blind eye removed next month. This breaks my heart to know that he must go through something like this at such a young age. Kids shouldn’t have to worry about things like this, nor should anyone. But, what I am about to tell you next is the best part.

Riley has been nothing but positive about this entire experience. He is aware of everything that is going on. He has such a good spirt about the surgery. Riley has to get a prosthetic eye and he couldn’t be any more excited about it. He even helped the doctor with picking out a new eye. Riley’s only problem with the surgery that he stated was “I’m mad that I have to miss the fourth day of school.” It is difficult to find anyone with this kind of optimism, especially when it is a seven-year-old kid.

Riley is the oldest of my cousin Brett’s four kids. He has set such a great example for his younger siblings when it comes to facing adversity. When I think about his positivity I can’t help but smile and be amazed. Not only has he set a great example for his siblings, but for me as well. When things are going wrong in your life it is hard not to complain and feel upset. We all face problems and struggle with many different things. We should all realize that pain is temporary, it doesn’t last forever. No matter what happens, we always have the love of family or friends to support us. People all around the world are dealing with things far worse than we can imagine. We need to take lessons from kids like Riley to better ourselves and improve our lives.

Adversity is going to hit us all at some point. The best thing you can do for that is to just face it head on. Have a positive attitude about whatever comes your way. Being depressed and destroying yourself over things aren’t going to make them better. All that does is sink you down further. I hope this story lifts your spirt when you need it the most. If anyone is going through any difficulties just know there will be better days. And if you don’t have anyone to talk to, feel free to talk to me.

Riley will have his surgery on the 11th next month. Let’s all wish this little trooper the best of luck! I love you Ri Ri, and I know that no matter what you go through that you are going to touch the lives of people throughout your life.


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