Go Vegan.

On August 1st, 2017, I decided to make a drastic dietary change.  Now let my tell you why I did this. Several weeks before I decided to go vegan I was feeling off. I told my girlfriend that I am no longer craving meat. I spent hours and hours contemplating if I should try a vegetarian or vegan diet. I then decided to watch the documentary film What The Health to possibly find some more useful information about food. Now listen to this first. I actually started to watch What The Health months before! When the film started bashing poultry and eggs I turned it off. Simply because I didn’t want to know about anything negative about foods I eat on a daily basis. Let’s just say I had a different perspective after finishing the documentary. I was completely shocked by what I had learned. Not to mention that all of the information is backed by scientific peer-reviewed studies to prove its authenticity. Shortly after finishing the film I made a decision, I’m going vegan.

Now at first this was a bit of a struggle. I really just didn’t know what or how much to eat. I started off by trying different kinds rice and beans. I got burnt out on that very quick. I was trying to figure out how much food I should eat to become full. It was all just very confusing and stressful. After about a week I began branching out to new vegetables and fruits that I wasn’t used to. I then fell in love with sweet potatoes which I never liked before until recently. I also discovered that I have a deep love for mangoes! I started really liking more and more foods that I wasn’t used to. This made going to the grocery store fun and exciting every time I went. There are endless amounts of unique produce items to try. Now after a month, I feel like a master. I am very confident with how to cook and use the foods of a vegan diet. My love for food has completely skyrocketed since going vegan.

Okay let’s get down to it. Here are 5 things that happened to me mentally and physically since going vegan.

  1. Better Energy and Sleep: Since going vegan I have been able to easily get out of bed and get to the gym before 6:30 every morning. I look forward to it! I usually will stay up until about 10:00 or 11:00 p.m.. Since going vegan, I literally sleep like a baby every night. I remember in the past waking up a lot in the middle of the night. I never have this issue anymore. I sleep through the night every night and feel alive and refreshed the moment I wake up. I never feel tired throughout the day. Even after a morning of working out and an afternoon of playing tennis in the heat. I always feel like I can be alert and active even after what most people would consider intense exercise.
  2. Loss of Fat and Increased Muscle Mass: Seems like it would be impossible to accomplish this without meat, but that’s how culture makes veganism seem. The crazy thing is I was getting actually more protein than I was before on a meat based diet. For example, tempeh has 16 grams of protein per serving. TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) has around 12 grams of protein per serving. Beans and Quinoa are also delicious and healthy sources of protein. I even had a plate of vegan nachos and cheese the equaled out to be over 45 grams of protein in one serving. I began losing my lower belly fat fairly quick. Two weeks into it my body basically transformed. I have always been an athletic person and I know my body and capabilities very well. I started to find it very easy to play basketball for hours without cramping. I found myself finding it much easier to dunk and run in general. I noticed that my muscle definition improved and the size of my muscles increased. I simply felt better, and looked better. MUCH BETTER.
  3. I Have Become More Positive: I have always been a bit pessimistic with most aspects of life. I mean, look at the world and the way people live. All of the violence, health issues, corruption, and ignorance. Once you open your eyes to the truth, it changes your mindset. I have more compassion for animals and their lives. We as human beings could never understand how it would feel to be alive as an animal. Some animals are more intelligent than humans in certain aspects. Not to mention that pigs are known the be one of the most intelligent social animals on the planet. So why slaughter and torture animals that have similar feelings to those of your dogs or cats? Or even yourself? We just need to understand that animal cruelty is wrong. We are killing them for no reason, wasting precious and beautiful life. By doing this, we are not only destroying our health by consuming them, but destroying the planet as well because of what animal agriculture does to the environment. I see things in a different way now. I not only advocate for a vegan diet for animals. But for all people as well. I want everyone in the world to feel as good as I do. I want all animals to be free from pain and suffering. This would also be beneficial for human beings, to experience less pain and suffering as well.
  4. Increased Sex Drive: I know, this one is a strange one but WOW. Let me just tell you right away, go vegan for this alone. Not to get too down and dirty with the details, but my sexual stamina has definitely increased. I have also noticed a change in sensation. Everything just feels better and more sensitive. I can definitely tell that I get aroused more quickly and frequently. Foods like 70% cacao and above dark chocolate, watermelon, and bananas are just a few foods to try to boost your sexual health!
  5. Enhanced Taste Buds: You would probably have had better luck getting me to jump out of a moving car than to get me to eat mushrooms in the past. Guess what? I dig mushrooms now. If I took a bite of raw broccoli two months ago I would’ve spit it out right away. Now, it is one of my go to snacks that I crave. Once I started trying all these real foods, my brain began to go crazy. There were so many foods that human beings have been eating for thousands of years that I’ve never tried. It really gives you a sense of being human. We are not made to eat highly processed junk. The foods we are accustomed to eating ruin our taste for the foods we are meant to eat. Let me tell you something. I crave fruit, vegetables, nuts, and beans more now than I have ever craved chicken or steak. I honestly want to gag when I think about eating real meat again. Once you get rid of the meat, dairy, and eggs, you begin to really appreciate the flavor of real food.

Now, I have only been vegan a very short one month. But, these changes in my mental and physical health have been plenty of evidence to keep me in this lifestyle forever. These were just a few examples. I keep discovering more and more everyday as I go along.

I know most people just simply ignore listening to information about vegan diets. But please, for your own sake, just do some simple research. You may find issues that you or your family faces that could be changed with a vegan diet. If you are on the edge and you are considering a vegan diet, watch documentaries and do your research. I recommend What The Health on Netflix for learning about the health and environmental aspects of a vegan diet. If you want to do it for the welfare of animals, watch Earthlings. Earthlings is a look into how we use animals for food, clothing, and entertainment. It is a very graphic and difficult film to watch. You wouldn’t believe the tragedies these animals have to face every single day. I am a tough nut to crack and it brought tears to my eyes. Take time out of your day and just watch Earthlings. I promise it will change the way you think about food.

I just want to wish everyone a healthy and happy life. I am not trying to force information down your throat. I am just simply trying to bring more awareness to veganism. It really is a great option for any of those suffering from many health and weight issues. This lifestyle could truly save your life. The time to start improving yourself is right now. Don’t wait until you have diabetes. Don’t wait until you have cancer. Don’t wait until you have a heart attack. Make a change now so you can watch your kids grow up. Set an example so they can live long healthy lives along side you. Boost your self-confidence and energy. Boost your happiness and sense of adventure. The fate of the world is in our hands. Let’s save the animals. Which in turn will save us, save the planet, and save our future.

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