Gun Control: We Don’t Deserve To Bear Arms.

As we all know, it is a right to bear arms in America. Try to take guns away from Americans and they all go ape shit. But I wonder why that is? America is said to be the home of the brave. But how are we brave if everyone has guns? I honestly do not think owning a gun makes you brave, it just makes you dangerous. In fact, in 2013 we had 33,736 death due to gun violence. 62% of which were suicides. Not only are you a danger to other people with a gun, you are a danger to yourself.

I understand that guns are in our constitution. But do you honestly think that we should stick with laws from 1789? They also had slaves and hung people all the time back then. Should that be legal as well? But people still think we should stay the same. Back in 1789 it was a completely different time than 2017, there is simply no comparison so nothing you can say will justify it.

Our gun laws simply do not work. During 2013 in the United States there were 33,736 deaths and over 72,000 injuries due to gun violence. That is just one year. We should start taking advice from the Japanese.

In Japan, there was a total of 6 deaths due to gun violence in 2013. Six! Out of a population of over 125 million people only 6 people died from guns. That is absolutely mind-blowing to think about. If Japan had the same rate of gun homicides as the United States in 2013, they would have lost 13,601 people to gun violence instead of 6. In Japan, getting a gun takes a lot of work. You must pass a training, written/mental exam, and a deep background check. As well as drug tests. Also, Japanese gun owners must report exactly where they will store their firearms and ammunition to the police. The police have inspections to ensure that people are storing them where they are said to be stored.

With all the deaths in America, why do we not adopt a policy like this? People go absolutely nuts when you want to take their rights away. But in a world like today, would you not feel more safe if more strict gun laws were in place? Do we not have enough evidence from other countries? In Germany you must pass a psychiatric test if you are under 25 to buy a gun. In Australia guns are banned, unless you can prove that you have a genuine “need” for a gun. Australians must also complete a safety course. In China, most civilians are forbidden to have guns. Penalties for arms trafficking include death in China. Here is something that may blow your mind as an American. The law enforcement in Britain, Iceland, Ireland, and New Zealand do not carry firearms.

Here is a chart to show how the United States compares to other countries in fire arm death rate.


As you can see, we more than triple nearly every country on the chart. It is funny that we think the middle east is so crazy or that the violence overseas is much worse. No, we are the ones who cause the most gun violence. If we should be afraid to live in any country, it should be here. The proof is in the numbers.

How many more school shootings are going to happen? How many more mass shootings? How many more times are we going to see young children killed? How many more cops and civilians will kill each other from gun violence? How many more people are we going to lose to suicide? How many more deaths from firearms does it take to realize there is a problem and that we need to change. I am not saying that we should completely erase guns from the planet. But doesn’t it make sense to develop a more strict policy for gun control. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel safe walking around in a country with loose gun laws. I have lived in Japan when I was in the military. I never worried and always felt safe not matter what time it was or where I was. I would love to feel that way in my home country.

We are off the charts in gun violence and it sickens me. Once again I understand that it is our right to have guns in America. As you can tell by this chart below.

Image result for small arms survey 2007

But who says we deserve that right? It is obvious that Americans can’t control themselves with guns. So maybe it is a right that is worth losing if it would benefit the country as a whole.

I am not trying to attack gun owners. I am just listing the facts and the issues that arise from guns. They are destroying our country and making people live in fear. As time goes on things change. We need to change with it. Sticking to laws from hundreds of years ago is not the answer. We see the answer to the problem in other countries. I think it is time we start adopting some new policies.

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